Family Gold Tea
Product Descriptions :

How to define premiumness, perfection & purest of quality in one word? Simply say Family Gold Premium. The specially selected leaves that go through rigorous quality checks and various quality-controlled processes and finally tasted by experienced and expert tea-testers are the secret behind the ultimate and unanimously loved taste of Family Gold Premium Tea. Family Gold Premium Tea is a must for every occasion which asks for superior taste. Its aroma and rich deep golden yellow color gives you the finest way to relax. A premium quality Assam Tea blend, Family Gold Tea is an unforgettable tea drinking experience that invigorates your moments and makes them utterly magical. With every sip of Family Gold Premium Tea, you are not having just Tea but a divine experience of supreme taste that lifts your senses.

Availability:- 250gm Box Packing.

"Honestly, if you're given the choice between Armageddon or tea, you don't say 'what kind of tea?” ― Neil Gaiman"